PODC 2011
March 7, 2011, 5:39 pm
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Decisions for PODC 2011 (in San Jose) have just been mailed out this morning. In a later post, I’ll talk about some of the interesting accepted papers this year – there are many.  For now I wanted to mention two of my own papers that were accepted and are now up on my web page.

Conflict on a Communication Channel.  This is a paper that I had previously blogged about here.  I’m still very excited about the idea of maintaining security invariants while spending asymptotically less than an adversary  that is trying to break them.  In this paper, we were able to do this for a few problems related to jamming in sensor networks and denial of service attacks.  However, the application of this kind of game theoretic analysis to security problems is still wide open.  Many interesting problems remain.

Scalable Mechanisms for Rational Secret Sharing.  This is a paper that I had not previously talked about in this blog.  The paper considers the problem of secret sharing when each player is rational.  In particular, we assume that each player prefers to learn the secret over not learning it, but prefers to be the only player learning the secret  over being one of many players learning it.  Much interesting work has been done on this problem in the last few years, with the main goal being to design a mechanism that ensures that ensures that all players learn the secret (thereby maximizing social welfare).  The new problem we focus on in this paper is designing mechanisms that both reveal the secret to all players and are scalable in the sense that they require each player to send just a constant number of messages in expectation.  Secret sharing is a subroutine for many cryptographic protocols, so one motivation is to develop a scalable tool for problems like rational multiparty computation and implementation of a mediator.


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