Post Quantum Crypto
August 19, 2010, 4:02 pm
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My colleague at UNM, Cris Moore, just had his paper on post-quantum crypto slashdotted.  The paper, written with Hang Dinh and Alexander Russel,  shows that a particular type of cryptosystem (the McEliece cryptosystem) resists a particular class of quantum attacks (Quantum Fourier Sampling attacks).  This looks like a nice paper, and maybe a good reason for me to learn more about quantum computation than Shor’s algorithm.

P.S. Belated congratulations also to my freshly minted PhD student Navin Rustagi (former guest-blogger here) who just accepted a post doc with Marek Kimmel at Rice.  A funny story: I first misheard this name as Mark Kimmel, and after googling it (try it yourself) became worried that Navin had been spending too much time in Santa Fe lately…


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hmm, post doc with Mark Kimmel would have been a pretty interesting choice 😉

Comment by Amitabh Trehan

Indeed, there’s no telling what cosmic consciousness-raising research Navin could have done with him!


Comment by Jared

Knowing Navin, it would have been a lot and it would have been stupendous 🙂

Comment by Amitabh Trehan

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