Post Quantum Crypto
August 19, 2010, 4:02 pm
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My colleague at UNM, Cris Moore, just had his paper on post-quantum crypto slashdotted.  The paper, written with Hang Dinh and Alexander Russel,  shows that a particular type of cryptosystem (the McEliece cryptosystem) resists a particular class of quantum attacks (Quantum Fourier Sampling attacks).  This looks like a nice paper, and maybe a good reason for me to learn more about quantum computation than Shor’s algorithm.

P.S. Belated congratulations also to my freshly minted PhD student Navin Rustagi (former guest-blogger here) who just accepted a post doc with Marek Kimmel at Rice.  A funny story: I first misheard this name as Mark Kimmel, and after googling it (try it yourself) became worried that Navin had been spending too much time in Santa Fe lately…

NSF ICES program
August 5, 2010, 5:30 pm
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Noam Nissan blogs here about the new NSF ICES program that is focused on the interface between CS and Economics and Social Sciences.

A quick bit of information that I can add to this post: the director of this program, Tracy Kimbrel, is my academic sibling (and co-author).  I can vouch that he’s extremely sharp, personable, and has a strong breadth and depth of knowledge in CS theory.  The theory community is lucky to have him as a NSF program director.