PODC 2009
August 10, 2009, 12:34 pm
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The Carousel are not boring at Calgary Airport!

The carousels are not boring at Calgary Airport!

Editor’s Note: My intrepid student Amitabh Trehan is live blogging from PODC.  The following series of posts will be guest posts from him about the conference.  Enjoy!

Welcome to the reports from PODC2009. For the next three days, I will be blogging from Calgary, Canada about the things I find interesting here.
The start of the morning was hardly a good advertisement for computing. As I waited for my flight from Albuquerque to Denver (which was to connect me to the Denver-Calgary flight), there was an announcement from the captain ‘Our computer’s warning light is on, and we cannot take off unless it switches off’. He followed up with some details- ‘we have many on-board computers looking after the same systems. Sometimes they do not agree with each other and if that happens, the warnings go on and we are not allowed to take off. Usually we just reset some breakers and we are ready to go. Unfortunately, this is not helping right now, so, I will just switch off the power to the plane for a while and switch it on again’. `This is like CTRL-ALT-DEL’, he added.
Well, rebooting did not work, so he had to inform us that we will all have to wait for the single all-powerful mechanic on the whole airport who at that moment was fixing some competitor’s plane.  We were all deboarded and told that with high probability we would be rebooked to other flights. But a miracle happened – the mechanic not only found the power for the computer but also switched it on. We got back on the flight and I made it to Calgary on time.
The University of Calgary campus is green and beautiful. A reception was held for PODC participants at the Nickle museum which houses currency coins from the roman era and other times besides other exhibits. The kit bag had SPAA proceedings in both book and CD-ROM form whereas PODC proceedings were  available only as a book.  The participants formed and dissolved groups of various sizes as new introductions were made, students eagerly talkled about  their research, and some old memories were reminisced. On to tomorrow.

The PODC reception at Nickel Museum

The PODC reception at Nickel Museum

At the end of the reception!

At the end of the reception!

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